About the author

I live in San Francisco, but cut my teeth on Los Angeles. I miss the beach but appreciate (when not furious at them) the bay area’s train systems.


  • I’ve homebrewed three batches of beer with a friend. The last was decent, mostly because of the Fuggles.

  • In 2014, I took the leap to quit my job, travel, and then spend time playing tourist in San Francisco while watching the World Cup and decompressing.

    I’m very lucky to have been able to do this, and recommend it if you have the chance. Because of this break, I stumbled across the chance to be the first employee at Scoop.

  • From 2006-2009, I built touchscreen kiosks and interactive displays for the UCLA Athletics Hall of Fame. This is where I really started to learn to build software.

Career focus

As a generalist, I’ve bounced around over many years: from front-end devloper to UI designer to engineering manager to backend developer and back. At times, my tendency toward learning it all has been painful. But I’ve amassed enough breadth now to get to work on really challenging, strategic technical problems. I consider myself especially strong in:

  • software team management
  • system architecture & operations
  • product engineering

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There was once a loving tribute to Rdio here. RIP